About ClassChain
ClassChain is an online tool that allows college students to connect with their classmates through common interests, backgrounds, courses, groups, dorms, and more! This social network makes it easy to feel a sense of community within a large and overwhelming college campus.

Through the use of complex matching systems, ClassChain is the easiest way to connect with students just like you. This free website allows you to visually see people you may not know personally, but have seen in classes or people who live at your residence hall. Also, ClassChain automatically builds a list of "connections" that allow you to see everyone you have ever come into contact with throughout your entire college career.

ClassChain is an independent online tool that is not affiliated with any colleges. Instead, we strive to provide a "hands off" experience.

ClassChain has many features including: customizable profiles, private messaging, class matching, join and create groups, find and list textbooks, add and manage connections, chat with classmates about courses, view grade distributions, and more!

ClassChain is 100% free to use. Simply enter and confirm a valid and supported college email address to get started!

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The ClassChain Team
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